Our Values and Goals

For the people of our church, our mission is absolutely dependent on our continuing to be the kind of community where…

  • …we can be real with each other – free to share our struggles, our hurts, our imperfections – and know acceptance and love just as we are (as unpleasant as this is sometimes);
  • …no matter what our age or experience as Christians, we are being encouraged and challenged on an adventure of faith where it is okay to have doubts, ask questions, and be open to new possibilities;
  • …we can be open to these new possibilities because we are a people who trust that there is no place or situation where God’s Spirit of hope, life, and creativity can’t be found.

Right now and for the foreseeable future, our priority goals are:

Being a welcoming and inviting community – We want to share our community with our neighbors, relatives and friends. While we are one of many vital churches, we have something special going on here and we want people to know about it. And we want everyone who visits with us to have a good sampling of the love that is at the heart of what makes us who we are.

Providing opportunities for people to experience the support of Christian community – We believe that it is very hard, if not impossible, to be on the Christian journey alone. You need the support of brothers and sisters in faith. So, for us, this means plenty of opportunities to be together with each other in Sunday School classes for all ages, small groups for youth and adults, choirs, various ministries, and many gatherings to share meals and be together in a way that is meaningful and encouraging.

Being a community where a primary concern is on helping people of all ages to be followers of Jesus – Christianity is not primarily a belief system. It’s a way of life. Jesus didn’t call his followers to a set of beliefs. He called them to follow him. And on the way, they found God’s abundant and creative life emerging even in the midst of tragedy and death.

Leading children, youth, and adults to live in the way of Jesus takes time. It’s not so much a destination as it is a journey. This journey is our primary reason for being. Therefore, we are committed to supporting each other in living the central practices of our faith: worship, prayer, study of scripture and other resources for faith, and service.

Being a community centered in the dynamic and life-transforming presence of God that we celebrate in worship, seek in daily prayer, and are open to in all the experiences of life – Worship is the heartbeat of our community of faith. Prayer is the breath of our daily lives, sustaining and empowering us. As it opens us to the reality of God’s Spirit, it is the source of our life together and what strengthens us for living in the way of Jesus. As such, it’s our intention to continue to support and help one another in regular worship and prayer that opens us to the reality of God in all of life.

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