What is MICAH?

The Memphis Interfaith Coalition for Action and Hope (MICAH) is a regional faith-and-value-based coalition working for social justice in the Memphis area. It is an “organization of organizations” consisting of over 70 churches and organizations including Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faith communities and non-profits across the Mid-South. Together they seek to identify areas of social concern, find consensus, and work with community leaders for lasting change. Currently, MICAH works in the areas of education, economic equity, and race and class equity (R.A.C.E.) in the justice system. Their motto, taken from the prophet Micah, is to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God Micah 6:8.

As a part of MICAH, CPCG is a part of the Interfaith organization of MICAH. One aspect of this connection is that we have formed what is called a MICAH Core Team that meets every other month to discuss issues and actions of MICAH and how CPCG can become more aware and involved in the equity movement in our city. If you would like more information directly on MICAH and CPCG Core Team CLICK HERE and fill out the form to get on our CPCG MICAH Core Team newsletter.

To read more about MICAH check out https://www.micahmemphis.org/

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Monthly Meeting/CPCG Delegates

2nd Tuesday every month 7-8:30PM

Issues Night/for anyone from CPCG

4th Monday every month 6-8PM

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To receive MICAH delegate texts: Text @4hacb2g to the number 81010

To receive MICAH general texts : Text @gc7he9 to the number 81010


micahmemphis.org/donate OR text the word “donate” to 901-479-0253

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