Community Life

An important part of our mission is to be an inclusive faith community where people are finding hope amidst life’s struggles and love that is unconditional. As such, our calling is to be something more than just a “friendly church.”

We seek to embody Jesus with each other and with all those who come into our doors. This means that we are called to be a community where people rejoice with one another in the joys of life and care for one another in the difficult times, where no matter what people are experiencing or going through they may know the hospitality and love of Christ’s community.

We eat together. We celebrate births, graduations, weddings, and joyful transitions. We hang in there with each other through sicknesses, job losses, deaths, divorces, and other struggles – listening to one another, praying for one another, offering food, doing our best (in both structured and unstructured ways) to ensure that no one is left out.

Here’s what one of our members shared:

Here at Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Germantown we have a network of care to support individuals and families in times of need and crisis. Through this network of care we try to bring to life what Jesus taught by extending love, providing comfort, and showing compassion to those in need.

I have experienced the support of this community of faith many times. I’ve also seen this support fleshed out time and time again.

Yes, I’ve received heartfelt cards, beautiful flowers, and delicious meals, but it was the knowledge that I was never going through those times alone that really made the difference. What do people do without this type of care?

Yes, we pray for one another here. This the church where I learned about intercessory prayer. How could I have made it through my divorce, deaths of loved ones, and day to day struggles? How does anyone manage without others?

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