Children in Worship

In our congregation worship is not just for adults. It is for children, too. We believe that children learn to worship by worshiping and being in a place where they can witness adults praying, singing, listening, and offering themselves in commitment to God, even as they seek to do the same.

On a typical Sunday you will see children joining youth and adults to hand out worship bulletins and collect the offering. You will also see a child serving as the acolyte. On some Sundays you will hear our children’s choir or experience one of our children leading a part of worship.

Every Sunday during the worship there is a brief Sharing with the Children time that the pastor or a member of the church leads. After this time, which is mid-way through the worship and before the sermon, younger children go to the nursery.

Parents with children under age 3 usually accompany their children to the nursery before worship begins and their children are brought back into worship by nursery volunteers for the Sharing with the Children time. Typically, children ages 3 to 5 come into worship with their parents or other responsible adults, and then go to the nursery after the Sharing with the Children time.

Children are welcome to partake of communion (the Lord’s Supper) in our church. However, we do make a commitment as a church to help our children know the importance of this “joyful feast of the people of God” and encourage parents to do the same. We also respect parents who prefer that their children wait until after they affirm their faith before partaking of communion.

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