Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School meets at 9:30 a.m. each Sunday, September through May. The following classes are offered:

Faith in the World
Room 8
Teachers: Mark Brown, Jeff Ingram and Lila Piercey

This class will read and discuss Good White Racist? Confronting Your Role in Racial Injustice by Kerry Connelly

p>\ good · white · racist \ noun

  1. A well-intentioned person of European descent who is nonetheless complicit in a culture of systemic racism
  2. A white person who would rather stay comfortable than do the work of antiracism

When it comes to race, most white Americans are obsessed with two things: defending our own inherent goodness and maintaining our own comfort levels. Too often, this means white people assume that to be racist, one has to be openly hateful and willfully discriminatory—you know, a bad person. And we know we’re good, Christian people, right? But you don’t have to be wearing a white hood or shouting racial epithets to be complicit in America’s racist history and its ongoing systemic inequality.

Kerygma/Bible Study
Room 9
Teachers: Davis Gray, Linda McGroom & Steve Parrish

This class is currently reading Six Themes in The Bible Everyone Should Know by Barry A. Ensign-George 

This first study in the Six Themes Everyone Should Know series takes a wide-angle look at the Bible rather than focusing on a specific biblical book as the other studies do. Here the great arc of God’s mission is traced “From the Garden to the Garden City.” Barry Ensign-George looks at themes that begin in the early chapters of Genesis, span the pages of Scripture, and end with the glorious vision of the book of Revelation—of the new Jerusalem, the city of the redeemed of God.

Room 10
Coordinator: Richard Raines and Jaime Groce

This adult class will be studying resources called Feasting on the Word; they study the scripture texts as they arise in the Revised Common Lectionary, a lectionary for worship now used by many Protestant churches, including ours; the lectionary includes readings for Sunday services. Lively discussion can be expected. Class members see their class as an excellent preparation for the weekly worship experience.

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