Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School meets at 9:30 a.m. each Sunday, September through May. The following classes are offered:

Faith in the World
Room 8/Zoom
Teachers: Mark Brown, Jeff Ingram and Lila Piercey

This is a hybrid class – meaning even when we’re in person you can take this class virtually.

This class will read and discuss Climate Church, Climate World: How People of Faith Must Work for Change by Rachel Jim Antal. 

Climate Church, Climate World argues that climate change is the greatest moral challenge humanity has ever faced. Hunger, refugees, poverty, inequality, deadly viruses, war—climate change multiplies all forms of global social injustice. Environmental leader Reverend Jim Antal presents a compelling case that it’s time for the church to meet this moral challenge, just as the church addressed previous moral challenges. Antal calls for the church to embrace a new vocation so that future generations might live in harmony with God’s creation. After describing how we have created the dangers our planet now faces, Antal urges the church to embrace a new vocation, one focused on collective salvation and an expanded understanding of the Golden Rule (Golden Rule 2.0). He suggests ways people of faith can reorient what they prize through new approaches to worship, preaching, witnessing and other spiritual practices that honor creation and cultivate hope.

Bible Study
Room 9/Zoom
Teachers: Davis Gray & Steve Parrish

This class begins with a study of Six Themes Everyone Should Know: Genesis by W. Eugene March.

This study looks at the main themes in the book of Genesis. The book, as the church’s Scripture, points us toward our beginnings as a human race as well as the beginnings of our faith in the God who is revealed in Genesis. This God cares and loves the creation and provides for the good of human creatures by being present with them.

Room 10/Zoom
Coordinators: Richard Raines and Jaime Groce

This adult class will be studying resources called Feasting on the Word; they study the scripture texts as they arise in the Revised Common Lectionary, a lectionary for worship now used by many Protestant churches, including ours; the lectionary includes readings for Sunday services. Lively discussion can be expected. Class members see their class as an excellent preparation for the weekly worship experience.

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