Praying this Week 06/01/2015

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Household Prayer: Morning

Life-giving God, awaken me to your threefold presence
in the world this day
that I may share your love with others
as freely as you have done for us in Christ. Amen.

Household Prayer: Evening

Abba, I give thanks for the immeasurable gifts of this day,
above all, for the gift of your love made known in Christ.
How grateful I am
that by his love I am counted as a precious member of your family.
Mere words cannot convey the wonder of this love. Amen.

New and Recent Prayer Requests

  • Anna Sisson and Jean Ellen Sisson request our prayers for Hailey Smith, a 7 year old friend whose mother died recently.
  • Georgia Fullem, sister-in-law of Terry Williams, along with her husband Johnny and son Scott Fullem. Georgia is suffering from cancer and is presently in the ICU on a ventilator.
  • Robert Heflin, who is recovering from gall bladder surgery.
  • Taylor Roberts, who has been to the ER and continues to suffer from seizures and migraines.
  • Continue to pray for those in our church family who are looking for new employment.
  • The family of Beatrice (Cookie) Fogle, Susan Groppe’s sister (Susan and Brian will be in New Jersey in the coming days for her sister’s memorial service).
  • Bryan Pyle, husband of Connie Bush’s cousin Terri, who has been diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer. He will be having chemo therapy as soon as it can be scheduled.
  • Lois Gray, who continues to struggle with chronic pain related to rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Dixie Morgan, as she cares for husband Harold with Alzheimer's. (Harold is now a patient at Memphis Jewish Home and Rehab in Cordova)
  • Donna Heflin, as she lives with chronic pain.
  • The Mason Family—Julia Mason (10 years old) has been diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma. Julia’s little sister, Elsie, is Ingrid Busby’s best friend.
  • Larry Meza, who continues to struggle with chronic, daily pain and is now having back problems.
  • Shannon Sweeney, best friend of Sally Busby, who is going through radiation treatments after completing chemotherapy.
  • Jo Mitchell, mother of Cathy Flanigan, is in an assisted living facility and in declining health.
  • Sally McNeely, mother of Blake Chappell, who has completed chemo therapy for lung cancer, and is now undergoing radiation treatments.
  • Judy Bush, Bob Bush’s sister-in-law, who has undergone surgery for breast cancer and is now receiving chemotherapy.
  • Cindy Mering, neighbor of Bob and Connie Bush, has been battling cancer for quite some time and is now at home after treatment at the Mayo Clinic.
  • Bill Connolly, brother-in-law of Margie Shannon, who is being treated for cancer of the spine and in a lot of pain.