Praying this Week 03/30/2015

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Household Prayer: Morning

Jesus, in your passion and resurrection,
you show me there is no place you have not been
and no place you fear to go.
Morning by morning, you awaken me more deeply to this truth.
Send me into the world this day with the courage and wisdom
to be a faithful witness to your coming reign
of justice, mercy, and peace. Amen.

Household Prayer: Evening

Although I have sought to serve you this day,
I have failed to keep your love.
You know my strengths and weaknesses more than I;
reveal them to me that I may be healed this night
and begin afresh tomorrow. Amen.

New and Recent Prayer Requests

  • Larry Meza, who has been in the hospital recently.
  • The family of William Ward, Frank Ward’s father.
  • Jo Mitchell, mother of Cathy Flanigan, who was moved recently into an assisted living residence in Lebanon, TN.
  • Finley Barger, ten year old granddaughter of a colleague of Jerry Chappell, who is being treated at St Jude for lymphoma.
  • Judy Bush, Bob Bush’s sister-in-law, who has undergone surgery for breast cancer.
  • Cindy Mering, neighbor of Bob and Connie Bush, has been battling cancer for quite some time and is currently undergoing treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.
  • Bill Connolly, brother-in-law of Margie Shannon, who is being treated for cancer of the spine and in a lot of pain.
  • Persons in our congregation going through job loss, moves, and other challenging times of transition.
  • Beatrice (Cookie) Fogle, sister of Susan Groppe, who is in poor health.
  • Billy Ingram, son of Beverly Ingram, who has had a recurrence of brain cancer, but is doing well presently.
  • Lois Gray, who continues to live with chronic pain.
  • Sally McNeely, mother of Blake Chappell, who has stage 3 lung cancer and has completed chemo therapy.
  • Dixie Morgan, as she cares for husband Harold with Alzheimer's.
  • Donna Heflin, as she lives with chronic pain.