Holy Week Is Our Story

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Dudley Condron shared earlier this week that he was looking forward to Holy Week, even though at this point in his life it seems like it rolls around every three or four months. I know the feeling. Maybe it’s my age (probably is) but it does seem the seasons that define our lives together as people of faith come around at a faster pace than they once did. The same with Sundays. For many of us preachers Sundays seem to come every four days.

I suppose the seasons and festivals of the Christian year, including Holy Week, have sort of a “here we go again” quality to them, at least for some. And this is not all bad. Certainly the notion of religious ritual has taken a beating in this time when so many people find it preferable to be “spiritual” but not “religious.” But many of us can testify to the fact that going through Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Pentecost, and the times in between year after year, decade after decade, has given a rhythm to our lives in which we are repeatedly connected to the most important truths about our faith. And our lives have been shaped and changed because of it.

The fact is that the seasons of the Christian year are not just religious observances that connect us to the past. They speak to the depths of who we are now. They serve as a mirror not only to our religion but also to our souls.

Holy Week in particular speaks of what it means to die to our egos—to step out in faith to be the people we are called to be, trusting that God will see us through. Holy Week opens us once again to the reality of darkness in our world and in our lives, and invites us to know that the transforming and resurrecting presence of God is there.

Holy Week is not just a remembering of what once happened and is now passed. It is a re-membering of ourselves and our community of faith in the present reality of God’s self- giving love in Jesus alive in us, and seeking to be alive through us.

Pray that Holy Week may indeed be holy for us.

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