Lent - Confronting the Craziness, Getting Back to What Matters

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What comes to mind when you think of Lent? 40 days? Spiritual disciplines like prayer and fasting? The cross? Or even a cross shaped in ashes on your forehead? Lent has to do with all these things, and more.

For a lot of us, Lent is an opportunity to get back on track. It’s a seasonal prompting that it is time to confront the out-of-whack, craziness of our lives, and get back to what really matters.

Biblical calls to “repent” and “return to the Lord” that greet us from the get-go in Lent and are echoed through the season resonate with what many of us are sensing in the depths of our hearts: It’s time to get back to what gives us life. It’s time to reconnect to the wellsprings of joy for us. It’s time to repent from ways that make us ashamed of ourselves and hard for others to be around, and return to the One who makes of us more loving and compassionate people.

So let’s not waste a good season. It’s time for the craziness to end and life to begin again. As the apostle Paul would put it, it’s time to die to all that drags us down (i.e., sin) and come alive to God (Romans 6:11).

It won’t be easy. But we’ll be helping each other along the Lenten way. We’ll be worshiping and sharing our lives together in studies and small groups. We’ll be encouraging one another to take time alone and in families to pray and experiment with new disciplines. And we’ll be seeking to follow Jesus to people who are sick, homeless, and in need.

So, join us. It’s time for the craziness to end and life to begin! And Lent is the perfect time for this to happen.

- WW

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