I Know You

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Our last CD meeting was at a restaurant in Germantown. As we were leaving, this young boy looked at me and said, “I know you. Do you work at Farmington School?” I said no and he looked perplexed.

Then William asked if he knew Mrs. Warren, the music teacher. He smiled and confirmed that he did.

That gave me just enough time to think and I asked, “Did you attend VBS at CPCG?” Once again he smiled and replied yes.

He and I were off talking about whether he enjoyed the week and would come back next year. He affirmed that it was a great experience and that he would want to attend next year.

It confirmed for me that in Christian nurture relationships are important. The children and youth may not remember after-the-fact exactly when they discussed a certain Bible story or theological concept. They will remember those teachers and leaders who were there for them Sunday after Sunday. Adults, too, are influenced by the way teachers and leaders relate to them – not putting them on the spot, accepting their thoughts and opinions, etc.  Relationships are important.

That boy was only at our church 5 days and in our storytelling center for 30 minutes a day. I didn’t ask him if he remembered any of the VBS stories. He obviously didn’t have time to associate me two months later with the church, but “I know you.” He really didn’t say, but I hope that knowing me spoke of good things for him.

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