A Measure of What We Do

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As you are aware, the children in our church have been involved in Mission Mondays. Many of us have only been able know about their experiences by hearing adults report on them or by talking to some of the children who have been involved.

Sunday was a bit different; we walked into the church to see bags and bags of groceries in the C. E. building—some 81 sacks. While I was on vacation during this time, I knew the children had delivered bags to the neighborhood and that Saturday was pick-up day. Seeing all those bags excited me about the response from English Meadows. I suspect the children and adults working with them shared that excitement and were thankful for the neighborhood's generosity.

I was expressing appreciation to Jaime Groce, who is on the Outreach Ministry Team and spear-headed the effort. He said, "We helped the children to know that they provided a way for people to respond to a need."

As we start a new Christian education year in September, this gives us something to ponder.

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