And What Kind of Teachers Do We Want?

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Some 5 or 6 weeks ago, two of the Sunday school teachers were at the church getting ready for their upcoming class. Their class had been focusing on the stories about Jesus in the Gospel of Mark. The next session would focus on the feeding of the 5,000. In Mark 6:38, we read, "And he said to them, 'How many loaves have you? Go and see.' When they had found out, they said, 'Five, and two fish'."

Well, here came these two teachers laughing. They were beginning to prepare a follow-up activity and to cut out patterns for each child: 2 loaves and 5 fish each. Well, one wonders how that kind of mistake can happen.

As one who has edited church school curriculum, I immediately thought of that poor editor and wondered how many times the phone had rung. What caused the error to happen? Lots of things could have happened. The art could have been beyond deadline and the editor really didn't get a chance to see it. Or, maybe the editor just had a mental lapse. Who among us has not gotten Mary and Martha confused! We weren't sure, of course, what happened.

Each fall Christian Discipleship shares expectations of our teachers/leaders:
• Spend adequate time in preparation.
• Be in the classroom before students begin arriving.
• Use session-approved curriculum resources.
• Create an open, inviting environment which speaks of caring and nurturing.
• Know and care for your students so that you can recognize specific needs as you plan.
• Pray for your students.
• Plan for a substitute when you need to be absent and inform others on your team.
• Seek ways to grow spiritually and as a teacher/leader.
• Attend worship and be involved in the total ministry of the church.

I was so grateful that these teachers were preparing early so that they had time to adjust to a mistake in their curriculum; that seems to come under the very first expectation. Maybe we need to add another expectation: Have a sense of humor. These teachers did.

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