Being Disconnected from CPCG

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Being diagnosed with pneumonia has made we feel some disconnections. For example, I was unable to participate in the church workday on Saturday. I will not be able to contribute to the Fall Family Fest. I'm probably not fully present when I am here.

In addition, last week was a busy time for an organization where I lend some volunteer services. I missed meetings on Tuesday and Wednesday, a workshop on Saturday, and a planning meeting Sunday afternoon.

It made me realize just how quickly involvement can change. Okay, I'm really out of my "pity party."

It didn't take me long to realize that I wasn't really disconnected from my community of faith nor my volunteer associations. Yes, things changed. I had to find out from others about how things have gone. It meant that I had to take some initiative. I moved from being at least a small contributor to being a recipient of calls, emails, conversations, cards, food, caring.

Maybe having pneumonia has some positives.
• As one ages, I'm sure there will be lots of other adjustments to life. This illness has made me look at how to pace myself.
• It has made me be a little more flexible. This I can do and this I can't. I'll need to be proactive in staying connected to those things I value.
• There's humor even in illness. I can walk and Bill can stay awake so we're still a team!

But, this experience has posed some questions for me:
• What role do each of us play in staying involved/connected to our community of faith?
• How proactive does CPCG need to be in keeping people from "slipping through the cracks?"

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