So What Do Our Children and Youth Hear and Remember?

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Halloween is looming. There are costumes and candy to purchase. As this Halloween approaches, I remember an incident that occurred on Halloween when I was just a small child.

Halloween that year was on a Saturday night. My family lived on Brunswick Road in the rural area of Bolton. That road was not nearly so busy as it is today.

On Sunday morning my family was always scurrying to get to church on time. That particular Sunday I woke up to learn that my parents had discovered that some pranksters had come into our backyard during the night , taken our garbage can, and dumped the contents in the road in front of our house.

Well my dad went out to pick up the contents of the garbage can. Back then people didn't put the contents into bags as we do now so it was a rather messy task.

Job completed, he came back into the house and chuckled saying, "You know they were really considerate in their prank. They dumped the garbage in the middle of the road so cars could still go down both sides of the road."

I think I expected his reaction to be one of anger or at least annoyance. It was a rather harmless prank. Maybe in his youth he had been involved in some pranks, too. Maybe he just chose to see the humor in it. Strange, I never said anything to him about that, but obviously remember it to this day.

Our CPCG children, and youth like me, will have many such opportunities with lasting impressions. Maybe at this time of the year it will be at the Fall Family Fun Fest! Perhaps it will be in Sunday school classes, or First Fridays, or SNH, or retreats, or children's choir. Casual conversations are another possibility. So is worship. And, don't forget family life, the arena for many, many remembrances.

You know, we adults are probably still experiencing these same kind of opportunities in our small groups, our Sunday school classes, worship, choir, ministry teams.

Reflect on your own experiences or those of your children and youth that have been shared with you.

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